Smoking or vaping ???

Smoking or vaping ???

At first, we tell you, dear audience, that the use of cigarettes, vaping or any smoking device is harmful to the human body and its use is not recommended even for fun!

But we are talking to those who are somehow involved in the use of tobacco or in other words nicotine, and are used to it.

Nicotine is a substance that immediately after entering the body causes the release of dopamine in the brain and causes a feeling of pleasure and euphoria for several hours. So we will use it frequently.

As you know, there are many ways to deliver nicotine to the body, such as smoking, hookah, pipe, cigar or vape, and electronic cigarettes (pods). Of course, it should be noted that the juices used in vape have small amounts of nicotine and even some products do not contain nicotine and their use is only recreational.

The smoke from smoking cigarettes, pipes and hookahs is the result of burning tobacco and their accompanying substances, which in addition to nicotine, brings thousands of other toxic substances such as carbon monoxide and tar into people’s lungs, which are very harmful to the respiratory system and the body.

With a simple search on the Internet, you will see a long list of toxic substances in cigarette smoke. the most harmful of which are tar and carbon monoxide. But in vaping, the smoke created is the result of the evaporation process, and as a result, many toxic substances that are present in cigarette smoke are not observed in it.

Now we will examine the ingredients used in fruit juices and salts. These ingredients are VG: edible vegetable glycerin, PG: edible propylene glycol, edible essential oil and synthetic nicotine (laboratory and pure).

Glycerin is a thick and sweet edible liquid that you consume it, even if you are not a VAPOR person, because it is used as a sweetener and enhancer in many foods, including sweets, chocolates, cakes and fruit juices. And it is a safe substance for humans.

Propylene glycol is also a liquid completely similar to glycerin and has a completely similar application and is used in many food products and it is known as a safe substance for humans.

Edible essential oils are familiar to everyone and we are using them every day and they are used in many edible products.

It should be noted that the nicotine that CAPITAL JIUCE uses in its solutions is synthetic and completely pure and laboratory-tested, and as a result, you do not have to introduce many other harmful substances and unpleasant flavors into your mouth when using it. And it will definitely be a more harmless and healthy method than burning tobacco leaves or paper and charcoal with it.

Many people who have quit smoking and started using vaping have admitted that their side effects such as phlegm and morning cough have improved and their lung condition has improved. Also due to the absence of toxic gases such as monoxide  Carbon in vape and pod smoke, this smoke is less likely to increase hemoglobin and density of blood, which is one of the problems that results from using smoke.

Among the other benefits of using vaping, we can mention the following: Substituting the pleasant aroma and taste instead of the stinky smell of cigarettes for yourself and others. Not using incendiary agents such as matches, lighters, charcoal and reducing the risk of burns and fires. Limiting the use of smoke and the ability to use one or two puff of it at any time. It is easier to quit than other methods of smoking and…

In the end, it should be said that according to the available evidence and the examination of the ingredients of juices and salts and the performance of vapes and pods devices and the analysis of the smoke from them, we come to the conclusion that they are less harmful than cigarettes. Of course, this does not mean that they are completely free of harm and are safe, and the Capital Juice team advises you not to use any tobacco and nicotine, and we wish you a healthy and happy life. But we believe that using vaping instead of cigarettes, hookahs and pipes is an efficient way to have a healthier body and to create better and easier conditions for quitting smoking and nicotine and finally any use of smoke and tobacco.



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