What is the nicotine we use in our products?

What is the nicotine we use in our products?
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Nicotine is an addictive chemical compound that causes the release of dopamine in the brain and causes a feeling of pleasure and euphoria and relaxation of the body. Nicotine has two main forms (S) and (R). (S) Nicotine is the most common natural nicotine obtained from tobacco, and it is a substance that causes a reaction in the brain and people experience a new sensation when consuming it, 99.3% of the nicotine in tobacco is of the (S) type.

(R) nicotine is also present in nicotine obtained from tobacco, but it is much less than (S) nicotine and is less than 1%. And it can be said that this type of nicotine has no effect on the human body.

What is synthetic nicotine?

Synthetic nicotine is obtained from a source other than the tobacco plant, this nicotine is created through a chemical or enzymatic method. Synthetic nicotine is made following a chemical processing and has different types. It should be noted that synthetic nicotine has a higher quality and purity than tobacco nicotine and is free of harmful substances.

Most vaping juices are now made with tobacco nicotine. While scientists can produce pure nicotine in the laboratory without the need for tobacco leaves. Therefore, in this method, leaves, stems, tobacco extract or tobacco waste are not used to produce synthetic nicotine.

 Synthetic nicotine or tobacco-free nicotine is a synthetic version of regular nicotine that is not derived from tobacco, meaning that this source of nicotine is free of the contaminants commonly found in tobacco. If you are concerned about contaminants in nicotine-based e-liquids, tobacco-free nicotine is free of these impurities.

 In addition, tobacco-free nicotine has no taste or smell, allowing you to enjoy the taste and aroma of your flavored e-liquids. Keep in mind that tobacco-free nicotine has the same biological effects as tobacco nicotine. However, tobacco-free nicotine does not have the sour smell and taste often attributed to tobacco.

 The difference between artificial nicotine e-liquids and natural nicotine e-liquids:

In fact, synthetic nicotine e-liquids and natural nicotine e-liquids have the same amount of nicotine.

Synthetic nicotine is not a “nicotine-like” substance. This substance itself is pure nicotine produced in a laboratory. Regardless of the source of nicotine, the biggest difference between synthetic nicotine e-liquids and natural nicotine e-liquids is that when nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves, it comes with several impurities. There will be residual particles of vegetable matter that are not completely removed, and there will still be residual odors and flavors from the solvent. So if you’ve ever thought that nicotine smells bad, it’s because you’re inhaling other compounds instead of pure nicotine.

 Other advantages of synthetic nicotine:

. It is free of many of the contaminants found in nicotine from the tobacco leaf, which in certain cases may be extracted with white kerosene and may not have been completely removed after preparation.

There are no any extra tastes or odors  and less natural sweeteners and flavorings are needed.

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